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Analysis EEL data

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A repository associated with the Extended Ellett Line (EEL) oceanographic dataset It mostly contains python scripts used to analyse and visualise these oceanographic data.

This repository is a work in progress and should be updated regularly. This repo can also be run on binder.

Requirements to run the notebooks locally


  • Clone or download the repository
git clone
  • Create and activate the Conda environment analysis_eel_data containing the relevant libraries (the creation of the environment can take a few minutes)
cd analysis_eel_data
conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate analysis_eel_data
  • Run the Jupyter notebooks available
cd notebooks

List of current notebooks available (work in progress)

1. Maps

1.1 Bathymetry map of the North Atlantic Ocean using cartopy and matplotlib axes functions

The notebook 01-lh-Plot-map-EEL-data.ipynb plot the bathymetry of the North Atlantic Ocean with two regional zoom and with the label of the hydrographic stations

Bathymetry of the eastern North Atlantic with Extended Ellett Line section

1.2 Bathymetry map with mean current vector and mean current ellipse overlaid using cartopy and xarray

work in progress

2. Data exploration and visualisation

2.1 Exploration of EEL dataset and contour plots of mean quantities

The notebook 02-lh-Explore-EEL-meanfield.ipynb.ipynb is used to explore the EEL dataset. It also generates summary figures of the mean and standard deviation of the velocity, temperature, salinity and density along the EEL section (see example below).

Note: I used xarray to handle multi-dimensional datasets.

Exemple of contour plot accross the EEL section


Project based on the cookiecutter science project template.


Python scripts to analyse and visualise oceanographic data from the Extended Ellet Line programme




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