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Link parser now also on text links even when you provide MarkDown links too
Dropdown of accounts now better readable
Fix in MarkDown imsert at cursur position
Added images are now embedded with a MarkDown syntax link
Images and text links are now inserted at current cursor position
Added auto update
Added MarkDown link parsing - example: [Link title](
Added link add window (which will add a MarkDown link)
Add link window automatically detects link in clipboard and puts it into the url field
- if link is in clipboard Spinnaker tries to fetch the title of the page automatically
Added many new keyboard shortcuts:
o Compose window:
- ctrl - o: change account
- ctrl - l: open add link window
- ctrl - i: open select window for image
- ESC: close compose window
o Add link window
- ctrl - enter: insert link
- ESC: close add link window
Dragging a file onto the image upload button automatically adds it to the post
Preferences dialog now has a checkbox to automatically hide it on startup
Image upload added
Username completion added (for followers and followings)
When opening the compose window the account which has sent the last post is selected automatically
Added app name and version to startup and preferences window
Added hint to ctrl-alt-p to the create post button
Pressing ctrl-enter in compose area now sends the post
Tray icon content menu now with icons and tooltip about ctrl-shift-p
Clicking and holding the mouse now moves the compose window not when you are in the text area (so you can select text again)
Added BSD license
Removed big 1024px startup image from soultion (smaller download)
Fix: tray icon will now be removed on quitting the app
Added tray icon
Window layout changed (semi transparent, rounded corner, no more top bar)
Clicking and holding the mouse in a window moves it
Accounts listings (prefernces and combobox in compose window) now show the user avatar image
Selecting another account in combobox / compose window refocuses the text enter area
Fix: loading of more than one account failed (only first was loaded)
Upgrade to AppNet.NET 1.6.2
- authorization of different accounts now possible without restarting the app
- registry key to enable non-Quirks-Mode in Auth window added
Compose window now always on top
When opening the compose window the texbox to enter the posted is selected by default already
Compose window now has reminaing chars counter (and disables send button below zero)
List of accounts now with dark background (and because of this readable)
Hitting the close button of preferences now quits the app (of course later on tray icon instead)
Note: preferences are not updated automatically - you need to rauthorize
Initial release