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0.7.2 (2017-02-19)

0.7.1 (2017-02-19)

  • change $.bind to $.on where supported, closes #120 and #145 (e468ae9), closes #120 #145
  • deleted redundant min file (moved to dist) (f530833)
  • fix release tasks (1462c36)
  • Merge pull request #115 from robeerob/patch-1 (ab31d58)
  • Update with raw downloadable install url (dcc9ad6)

0.7.0 (2016-01-04)

release summary

  • added build tasks

  • added selenium unit tests

  • added lint tests

  • added matchHeight.version property

  • added to npm

  • fixed unitless properties

  • fixed inline styles being removed

  • fixed display: flex issue

  • fixed display: inline-flex issue

  • fixed row detection when items contain floating elements

  • fixed compatibility for module loaders

commit log

  • add custom version argument to gulp build (ad8aac5)
  • add delay to jasmine boot (30824fb)
  • add lint to all test tasks (6b16f67)
  • add test for _parse on string values with units (4a64208)
  • add to npm (0055660)
  • added a section on tests to readme (e0be682)
  • added changelog task (5263ab1)
  • added cloud selenium, local emulated ie testing, lint task, build task, release task, improved tests (06bd876)
  • added gulpfile, jasmine test specs, browser test runner, selenium test runner (ca926de)
  • added libscore (03a4317)
  • added matchHeight.version property (431e4d0)
  • added release tasks (49cc72f)
  • added test for property option (7bdada7)
  • added test for remove (445799d)
  • added tests for custom toBeWithinTolerance matcher (a89b1c2)
  • bump jquery package version (cc9c416)
  • change tests to use jquery type checking functions (6cf52f0)
  • faster selenium testing (a6b2da3)
  • fix bower instructions in readme (91e50ad)
  • fix for display: inline-flex, closes #68 (e769b9f), closes #68
  • fix for unitless properties by forcing px, closes #64 (d8cc365), closes #64
  • fix issue maintaining inline styles, closes #95 (878ff96), closes #95
  • fix issue with 'display:flex', closes #77 (dc53a49), closes #77
  • fix issues with build script (1195421)
  • fix linter issues (0165e74)
  • Fix package manager registries URLs (036df1b)
  • fixed local test config for non-windows (d67ca25)
  • fixed missing dependencies (c608b80)
  • handle error when test server is already running (9e6487d)
  • ignore linebreak style on lint (1510b58)
  • Improve row detection when cells contain floating contents (8844acb)
  • improved readme (1cf2c27)
  • improved tasks (61a9ed4)
  • improved tests (b1cadb5)
  • Make plugin compatible with module loaders (b5988c1)
  • Merge branch 'feature/tests' into develop (a7d35dc)
  • Merge branch 'floatingcontents' of into jorrit-floatin (89b74a7)
  • Merge branch 'jorrit-floatingcontents' (dc9716b)
  • Merge pull request #81 from afelicioni/patch-1 (c5566da)
  • Merge pull request #82 from JulienMelissas/patch-1 (63d8ca4)
  • remove ie testing meta tags (44ed2fe)
  • replace browserstack tunnel with ngrok (2c67ca0)
  • run webdriver spec for all breakpoints (3440598)
  • update master build (df2e0c2)
  • update master build (f4b4b98)
  • updated min file (99648ca)
  • use a spy for callback tests (a72a2cf)
  • use gutil.log (00a91bc)
  • use local test images (02398d9)
  • Use unminified version in Bower's "main" argument (eedca73)

0.6.0 (2015-03-31)

release summary

  • added options parameter

  • added property option

  • added target option

  • added callback events

  • added maintain scroll

  • added inline-block support

  • added hidden elements support

  • improved performance and throttling

  • improved demo

  • fixed declaration order issue when using requirejs

  • fixed issues for people using build concatenation

  • fixed data api issue with missing data-mh

  • fixed IE8 border calculation

  • fixed Safari row detection

  • fixed inline style preservation

commit log

  • Fix usage of data-mh attribute (816850d)
  • Improve support when concatenated or minified (09c4b1a)
  • Merge branch 'kwoodfriend-patch-1' (dde46f9)
  • Merge branch 'nyordanov-master' (dc77dbe)
  • Merge branch 'patch-1' of into kwoodfriend-patch- (e009c4c)
  • Merge branch 'stefanozoffoli-patch-1' (c0104c4)
  • Preserve inline styles when using byRow (72ba5cf)
  • added display property tests (5dafa0c)
  • added gitignore (d76b02c)
  • added local jquery (9239f4e)
  • added maintainScroll functionality, closes #18 (ee83317), closes #18
  • added support for hidden elements, closes #12 (9a8944b), closes #12
  • added support for options, added property option for min-height (94c9d28)
  • added update callback events (0b31e21)
  • avoid call to .is when no target specified (db9996d)
  • changed master build description (6dcc13d)
  • early out on options parser (b4326d3)
  • fix for single item rows, closes #48 (64b9a54), closes #48
  • fix handling of hidden elements by row, closes #28 (71a5151), closes #28
  • fix row detection on safari (windows) (b52448a)
  • fix to preserve inline styles (e9de702)
  • fix typo in target option, closes #63 (290dfcf), closes #63
  • fixed IE8 border reset issue, closes #10 (246820d), closes #10
  • fixed support for inline-block (b3df801)
  • fixed throttling issue (fdc8f7a)
  • implemented target option (a01fb70)
  • improved readme (9ba9529)
  • preserve inline styles on hidden parents, closes #46 (4917d6c), closes #46
  • refactored plugin definition (467d928)
  • release 0.6.0 (aef80df)
  • removed redundant css setter (6c7e6ad)
  • reorganised source, closes #27 (cae21cd), closes #27
  • skip apply to rows with only one item (f72ab91)
  • updated min file (56214a1)
  • updated min file (9aa96f1)
  • updated min file (b6f612a)
  • updated min file (128c363)
  • updated readme (667e516)
  • updated readme (a30551f)
  • updated readme with known limitations (57ee64a)
  • updating minified version (ab3963f)

0.5.2 (2014-06-10)

release summary

  • improved demo
  • added matchHeight('remove')
  • added update throttling
  • removed forced display:block after application

commit log

  • added matchHeight('remove') (8f5f13f)
  • added updated throttling (6d9a6a7)
  • prettier demo (f7ea426)
  • release 0.5.2 (4b8f8e4)
  • removed forced display:block after application (a3a058c)
  • updated changelog (ecee5f9)
  • updated readme, changelog, build (ae0a825)

0.5.1 (2014-04-15)

release summary

  • fixed IE8 NaN bug when parsing 'auto' properties
  • fixed IE8 window resize event loop bug
  • fixed compatibility with older jQuery versions
  • added bower package file
  • added jquery package file

commit log

  • Making the library compatible with old jQuery versions < 1.7 (4c3f945)
  • Making the library compatible with old jQuery versions < 1.7 (7d467aa)
  • Merge pull request #3 from dcorb/master (18a6fa1)
  • added CHANGELOG (b1ed72d)
  • added bower package (56c9902)
  • added minified version (44c4554)
  • fixed IE8 NaN bug when parsing 'auto' properties (702eea6)
  • fixed IE8 window resize event loop bug (22b74da)
  • increment version (0cb6082)
  • updated minified build (3873f7d)
  • updated readme (b62297b)

0.5.0 (2014-03-02)

release summary

  • initial release

commit log

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