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License Agreement

When providing any contributions, you must agree and be legally entitled to provide them for use and distribution in the project under the same terms as the license, otherwise they can not be accepted.


To build you must first install node.js and gulp, then run

npm install

This will install the required build dependencies, then run

gulp dev

which is a task that builds the matter-dev.js file, spawns a development server and opens http://localhost:8000/demo/index.html in your browser. Any changes you make to the source will automatically rebuild matter-dev.js and reload your browser.


Contributions by pull request are welcome! Please ensure they follow the same style and architecture as the rest of the code. You should run gulp test and ensure there are no reported errors. Please do not include any changes to the files in the build directory. All contributors must agree to the license agreement described at the beginning of this document.

If you'd like to contribute but not sure what to work on, feel free to get in touch.