List of plugins

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A list of Matter.js plugins and tools


  • matter-attractors by liabru
    • An attractors plugin that makes it easy to apply continual forces on bodies. It's possible to simulate effects such as wind, gravity and magnetism.
  • matter-wrap by liabru
    • A coordinate wrapping plugin that automatically wraps the position of bodies such that they always stay within the given bounds. Upon crossing a boundary the body will appear on the opposite side of the bounds, while maintaining its velocity.
  • lark-matter by abagames
    • Pixel art style renderer plugin.
  • matter-collision-events by dxu
    • A plugin for adding per-body collision events and event handlers.
  • matter-springs by momentumworks
    • Adds Damped Harmonic Oscillator (DHO) springs.
  • matter-dom-plugin by elopezga
    • A DOM renderer.


If you create a plugin or tool, message @liabru and it will be added to this list.

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