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This is an unofficial SDK for the Snapchat API in PHP. It has been built around the Casper Developer API.

##Before you Start

The Casper Developer API is a paid service for fetching Authentication Parameters and Headers for Snapchat requests on demand.

You will need to register for access, and submit your Project for review.

If you need to register, you can do so at the Casper Developers website.


At this stage, the project is non-composer based...

To get started using the SDK, you will need to include the AutoLoader script.

Since we rely on the Casper Developer API, we need to provide an instance of CasperDeveloperAPI to the Snapchat constructor.

$casper = new \Casper\Developer\CasperDeveloperAPI("api_key", "api_secret");
$snapchat = new \Snapchat\Snapchat($casper);

At the moment, the Casper-Developer-SDK-PHP project is embedded in the lib folder, and included in the autoload.php.

Once I learn to use composer, I will set it all up properly.



Take a look at the Examples folder.


To login, you will need to provide your Snapchat Username and Snapchat Password. If something goes wrong, an Exception will be thrown.

try {

    $login = $snapchat->login("username", "password");

} catch(Exception $e){
    echo $e->getMessage() . "\n";

Once you have logged in, the $login object will provide direct access to all of the fetched data. Such as Snaps, Conversations, Stories and Friends.

$conversations = $login->getConversationsResponse(); //Snaps and Chat Messages
$friendsResponse = $login->getFriendsResponse(); //Friends, Friend Requests
$updatesResponse = $login->getUpdatesResponse(); //AuthToken, Score, Birthday, etc
$storiesResponse = $login->getStoriesResponse(); //Your Stories and Friends Stories

Similar methods exist directly on the $snapchat object, which will fetch fresh data from the server.

###AuthToken Login

If you save the Username and AuthToken, you can create a new instance of the Snapchat class at a later time with the initWithAuthToken method.

You can get the Username and AuthToken from a logged in Snapchat instance with getUsername and getAuthToken, for saving somewhere...

//Save these somewhere. Database etc.
$username = $snapchat->getUsername();
$authToken = $snapchat->getAuthToken();
//New Instance somewhere else. example, another PHP file.
$snapchat->initWithAuthToken("username", "auth_token");

When using the AuthToken method, you don't have access to the $login object.

You will need to use the methods with similar names on the $snapchat object instead.

$conversations = $snapchat->getConversations(); //Snaps and Chat Messages
$friendsResponse = $snapchat->getCachedFriendsResponse(); //Friends, Friend Requests
$updatesResponse = $snapchat->getAllUpdates(); //AuthToken, Score, Birthday, etc
$storiesResponse = $snapchat->getStories(); //Your Stories and Friends Stories


Friend data is provided in the response of multiple API calls, but not it's own endpoint. You can access the currently cached Friend data like so:


If you need to fetch updated Friend data from the server, you will need to call the getAllUpdates method.

$friendsResponse = $snapchat->getAllUpdates()->getFriendsResponse(); //Friends, Friend Requests

In the case above, the getCachedFriendsResponse() will now return the updated data.


Snaps and Chat Messages are both located within ConversationMessages. Here's a few examples on how to iterate over them.

####Get all unviewed received Snaps

foreach($conversations as $conversation){

    $snaps = $conversation->getConversationMessages()->getSnaps();
    foreach($snaps as $snap){

        if($snap->wasReceived() && !$snap->hasBeenViewed()){
            //Do something with the Unread Snap...



###Download Snaps

Unviewed Snaps can be downloaded with via the downloadSnap method.

You need to pass in the Snap object (or the Snap ID as a string) you want to download, along with a File Path, in which the Snap will be saved to.

You can optionally provide a File Path for the Video Overlay. (If one isn't provided, it will be generated for you).

File extensions are not automatically appended to the file name for you. If you have access to the Snap object, you can call $snap->getFileExtension(); which will provide you with jpg or mp4, depending on the Snap type.

If everything goes successfully, the downloadSnap method will return a MediaPath object, which contains the File Paths of the Saved media. (Blob and Overlay). Otherwise an Exception will be thrown on Failure...

$snap = ...;

$filename = sprintf("my_snap_folder/%s.%s", $snap->getId(), $snap->getFileExtension());
$mediapath = $snapchat->downloadSnap($snap, $filename);

$file_blob = $mediapath->getBlobPath();
$file_overlay = $mediapath->getOverlayPath();

echo "Blob saved to: " . $file_blob. "\n";
  echo "Overlay saved to: " . $file_overlay. "\n";

####Download all unviewed received Snaps

$conversations = $login->getConversationsResponse();
foreach($conversations as $conversation){

    $snaps = $conversation->getConversationMessages()->getSnaps();
    foreach($snaps as $snap){

        if($snap->wasReceived() && !$snap->hasBeenViewed()){

            echo "Downloading Snap from: " . $snap->getSender() . "\n";

            $filename = sprintf("snaps/%s.%s", $snap->getId(), $snap->getFileExtension());
            $mediapath = $snapchat->downloadSnap($snap, $filename);

            echo "Blob saved to: " . $mediapath->getBlobPath(). "\n";
                echo "Overlay saved to: " . $mediapath->getOverlayPath(). "\n";





####Download My Stories

//Get Stories from Login Response
$storiesResponse = $login->getStoriesResponse();

foreach($storiesResponse->getMyStories() as $myStories){

    $story = $myStories->getStory(); //The Story object
    $storyNotes = $myStories->getStoryNotes(); //Details about who viewed your Story
    $storyExtras = $myStories->getStoryExtras(); //View and Screenshot counts

    //Where to Save the Story
    $filename = sprintf("download/stories/%s.%s", $story->getId(), $story->getFileExtension());

    //Download the Story
    $mediapath = $snapchat->downloadStory($story, $filename);


###Download Friend Stories

All of the Stories posted by a User are inside of a container.

The getFriendStories() method on the StoriesResponse instance will return an array of FriendStory objects.

FriendStory objects contain the Friends username along with an array of FriendStoryContainer objects.

Calling getStories() method on the FriendStory object will return the FriendStoryContainer.

A FriendStoryContainer gives you access to the Story object posted by the user along with a boolean stating if you have seen the Story.

//Get Stories from Login Response
$storiesResponse = $login->getStoriesResponse();

//Iterate Friend Stories
foreach($storiesResponse->getFriendStories() as $friendStories){

    $friendStoriesUsername = $friendStories->getUsername();
    $storiesContainer = $friendStories->getStories();
    foreach($storiesContainer as $storyContainer){

        $story = $storyContainer->getStory();

        echo "Downloading Story: " . $story->getId() . "\n";

        //Where to Save the Files
        $filename = sprintf("download/stories/%s", $story->getId());
        $filename_overlay = sprintf("download/stories/%s_overlay", $story->getId());

        //Download the Story
        $mediapath = $snapchat->downloadStory($story, $filename, $filename_overlay);

        echo "Story saved to: " . $mediapath->getBlobPath(). "\n";
            echo "Story Overlay saved to: " . $mediapath->getOverlayPath(). "\n";




To logout of Snapchat, call the logout method on the Snapchat instance.



At the moment, there's no proper documentation. However, the above gives you an overview of what the library can do.

Take a look at the examples folder, as well as the methods available in the Snapchat class to see what else can be done.



The name "Snapchat" is a copyright of Snapchat™, Inc.

This project is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Snapchat™, Inc or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

I, the project owner and creator, am not responsible for any legalities that may arise in the use of this project. Use at your own risk.