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This is an Xposed Module that intercepts SafetyNet Attestation calls and passes them to an API which provides a valid attestation with ctsProfileMatch=true and basicIntegrity=true.

It allows you to use Android applications which use Google SafetyNet Attestation on a device that fails the SafetyNet check. (Usually due to Root or Xposed being installed)

Note: This module communicates with an external API maintained by me, which provides the valid attestations on demand. This external API is closed source and is not free.

How to Use ?

  • Obtain an API Key
  • Install XposedSafetyNet APK from Releases
  • Enable XposedSafetyNet in Xposed Modules
  • Launch XposedSafetyNet
    • Set your API Key
    • Enable the apps you want XposedSafetyNet to provide Attestations
  • Reboot Device

Obtain an API Key ?

Contact me for information on purchasing an API Key.

You will need to provide me with a list of application package names you want to use XposedSafetyNet with.

I will provision an API Key and whitelist package names that I approve.

Packages that are not approved on my end will be rejected access to Attestations.