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Snap is a auto browser reloader designed to be used for web design and javascript testing. It is capable of monitoring file system changes and reloading a web page when a change is detected. It is like livereload but free and works on windows.

Snap is an example of readme driven development.


To use, start the server:

$ node [path to snap.js] [path to directory to watch for chanes] [optional quoted regular expression of files to watch]

and add the following script reference to the end of your web page, immediately before </body>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://localhost:1337/script"></script>


Look at in demo/ for examples of how to monitor all file changes or changes to files of a specific type.

How does it work

The script loaded in the page polls the server process every five seconds. If a relevant file system change has occurred it reloads the page.

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