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Personal blog


This repository contains the source files for Pages and blog posts are authored in Markdown and can be found in the content folder. I use Eleventy to build the site from Nunjucks templates, found in the templates folder.

Local development

The site is hosted on Google Cloud and uses GitHub Actions to trigger a build when code is pushed to the master branch. This makes it possible to deploy content changes without installing anything locally.

To make styling or template changes, first install the dependencies.

npm install

Next, use the start task to run Eleventy. This will watch for changes and rebuild as necessary.

npm start

Deploying to Google Cloud (automatic)

This repository is configured to use the Google Cloud Build GitHub Action. It will trigger a Cloud Build every time code is pushed to the master branch. The build pipeline, outlined in cloudbuild.yaml, installs dependencies, runs an Eleventy build, and deploys the result to App Engine.

Because Cloud Build is triggered when code hits master I have adopted the strategy of working in feature branches and rebasing the changes into master.

Deploying to Google Cloud (manual)

Manual deployments to App Engine are possible using the gcloud CLI. This mimics the steps in cloudbuild.yaml.

npm run build
gcloud app deploy
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