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-- | Tea is a library that makes it easier to make games in Haskell.
-- See for more information.
module Tea
( module Tea.Tea
, module Tea.Display
, module Tea.Color
, module Tea.BlendMode
, module Tea.Input
, module Tea.Font
, module Tea.Sound
, module Tea.Event
, module Tea.Bitmap
, module Tea.Screen
, module Tea.Size
, module Tea.Primitive
, module Tea.Blitting
, module Tea.Clipping
, module Tea.Grabbing
, module Tea.ImageSaving
) where
-- common types
import Tea.Tea (Tea)
import Tea.Display
import Tea.Color
import Tea.BlendMode hiding (blendModeToSPG)
import Tea.Input hiding (sdlKey, sdlButton, sdlMod)
import Tea.Font hiding (getSFont, Font(Font))
import Tea.Sound
import Tea.Event
-- graphics object mixins
import Tea.Size
import Tea.Primitive
import Tea.Blitting
import Tea.Clipping
import Tea.Grabbing
import Tea.ImageSaving
import Tea.TextDrawing
-- mixin inheritors
import Tea.Bitmap hiding (buffer)
import Tea.Screen hiding (screenBuffer)