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This library allows for the generation of a nginx config file from a set of templates. For each endpoint e.g /test there can be many servers attached to it. There can also be many endpoints defined.

Nginx should be build from source for use with this library as the "-p" flag does not seem to work in the nginx ubuntu package.


var proxy = require('nginx-proxy'),
    nginx = new proxy('/path/to/nginx/dir');


Will forward requests for localhost/test to localhost:8000/test

nginx.add(['localhost:8000'], 'test', function(err) {

Will forward request for localhost/test to localhost:8000/test and localhost:8001 via round-robin

nginx.add(['localhost:8000', 'localhost:8001'], 'test'), function(err) {

This will remove localhost:8000 from the /test endpoint

nginx.del(['localhost:8000'], 'test'), function(err) {

After using nginx.add() or nginx.del() changes will be written to disk via rules.json

Generates the nginx config from the rules

nginx.update(function(err) {

Reloads nginx's config and thus applys all rules written from nginx.update()

nginx.reload(function(err) {