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Open House

An easy to maintain central website for volunteer event based organizations


  • You control it!
  • Editable home information page
  • Simple and versatile event creation and management
  • Clear event sign up flow
  • Simple account creation and management


This setup references using basic git commands, explanations can be found here

  1. Create your own copy of the source code
    • GitHub Fork (recommended)
      1. Click "use this template"
      2. Follow the instructions on screen
      3. Git clone locally
    • Local Copy
      1. Click Code then download zip on this page
  2. Setup Firebase
    1. Create a firebase project <- step 1
    2. On the firebase dashboard, go to Project Settings > General
    3. Under Your project, save Project ID
    4. Under Your apps select Add app
    5. Create a new web app with the hosting option selected
    6. Save the config options for later (const firebaseConfig = { ... })
    7. Create a cloud firestore database
      1. Go to Database > Cloud Firestore in the sidebar
      2. Select test starting mode
      3. Select the location closest to your physical location
    8. Enable authentication
      1. Go to Authentication in the side bar
      2. Click "Set up sign-in method"
      3. Enable email/password (do NOT check passwordless sign-in)
    9. Optionally, connect to a domain (this requires paying ~$12/year for a domain)
  3. Edit
    1. Firebase
      1. In .firebaserc, replace PUT-PROJECT-ID-HERE with your project id
      2. In /src/main.ts, replace const configOptions = { _: "INSERT CONFIG HERE" }; with your config options
    2. Logo
      1. Get an SVG version of your logo (with nearly square dimensions)
      2. Replace /public/logo.svg with that
    3. Organization Name
      1. In /src/main.ts, replace ORG_NAME with your organization name
      2. Optionally, in /public/index.html, replace the Open House of <title>Open House</title> with your organization name to prevent it from flashing on page load
      3. Optional: change the color scheme in /src/shared-style/variables.scss
    4. If forked: git commit to backup your changes
  4. Deploy
    1. Download Node.js
    2. Open the project folder in terminal
    3. Run npm install -g firebase-tools
    4. Run firebase login and follow the instructions that pop up
    5. Run firebase use --add YOUR_PROJECT_ID
    6. Run npm install && npm run build && firebase deploy



  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Compiles and hot-reloads for development: npm run serve
  • Compiles and minifies for production: npm run build
  • Send build to production: firebase deploy
  • Lints and fixes files: npm run lint


An easy to maintain central website for volunteer event based organizations