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a quick command line utility with basic usage to submit a file to pastebin
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SYNOPSIS - Quick and simple pastebinning from the command 
		perl 5.8.8 or greater

DESCRIPTION provides quick and simple pastebinning using the
	command line. Basic usage:

	cat file |

OPTIONS has only one option, as it is designed to be simple 
	and quick.

	cat file | 1 (DEFAULT)
		pastebins a file as private

	cat file | 0
		pastebins a file as public

	`touch ~/.pastebin_dev_key`
	login and fetch your dev key here:
	`$EDITOR ~/.pastebin_dev_key`
	optionally: `ln -s /path/to/ /bin/`

	Liam Zdenek

BUGS (Liam Zdenek)
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