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Zero Knowledge DAO - cast anonymous votes (built @ ETHParis)
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Zero Knowledge DAO - cast anonymous votes (uses the AZTEC Cryptography Engine + Proofs).

Created at #ETHParis.

How it works

We represent a share in the DAO as an AZTEC ZK-note and represent a "vote" as a ZK proof of a % of that balance.

We can use the totalSupply of the original ERC20 share token to calculate the number of votes required to pass a proposal. We then repurpose the dividend proof to prove that a shareholder "votes" a % of the totalSupply of available votes, without revealing their total number of shares.


Our proof-of-concept is a contract and a test suite which proves the concept.

We haven't slept, make a Github issue if you'd like to play / chat further.

Liam Zebedee (@liamzebedee), Simon Dosch (@simonDos), Max Niemzik (@ethyla)

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