Tools for using Go programs inside Electron apps
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Package that contains tools for using Go programs with Electron.

Originally extracted from my Who's Hacking product, which used my program gitmonitor to monitor live git repo changes across the system.


  • getAppPath, which gets the app path in development and production (when the app is unpacked from the archive).
  • getExecutableName which finds the correct executable for OS and CPU arch.
  • getGOARCH and getGOOS, wphich are used above.


yarn add electron-go-picnic


  1. Cross-compile your Go programs for all platforms at once (Windows/Linux/macOS) using
  2. Copy them to a directory in your Electron app. I advise vendor/.
  3. Make sure your executable is unpacked in production so it can be run. E.g. with electron-builder, modify package.json in the "build" section and add:
"asarUnpack": [
  1. Then in your Electron code:
const spawn = require('child_process').spawn;
import { getAppPath, getExecutableName } from 'electron-go-picnic';

let cmd = path.join(getAppPath(), `/vendor/', getExecutableName('gitmon'));