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## FFI wrapper for libquicktime

# install

        % gem install ffi-libquicktime

        % pacman -S libquicktime        # pacman
        % port install libquicktime     # macports

## Libquicktime /

   libquicktime is in no way related to the original quicktime
   software. You should not expect all quicktime files created
   by original software to be playable by libquicktime or vice
   versa. You might, however, be lucky in some cases.

libquicktime is a library for reading and writing quicktime/avi/mp4 files. It provides
convenient access to quicktime files with a variety of supported codecs.

The goal is to have a simple and stable library, which can create reasonable compatible
Quicktime and AVI files either uncompressed (for high-end or production applications)
or with decent compression codecs for end user applications. Today, we write Quicktime
files with a wide range of uncompressed codecs for professional use. Together with sample
accurate seeking, this makes libquicktime the library of choice for editing applications.