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# FFI::Stree
This library provides a wrapper for the 'generic suffix tree library' (libstree) using FFI.
libstree is a generic suffix tree implementation, written in C.
It can handle arbitrary data structures as elements of a string.
Unlike most demo implementations, it is not limited to simple
ASCII character strings. Suffix tree generation in libstree is
highly efficient and implemented using the algorithm by Ukkonen.
## Installation
gem install ffi-stree
No compilation is required.
You will need to have libstree installed in order to actually use the library.
osc: port install libstree
arch: yaourt -S --aur foobar
debian: apt-get install libstree
## FFI::Stree Sample
require 'ffi-stree'
tree =
tree << 'yokatt'
tree << 'nemukatt'
p @tree.longest_common_substring(0,10)
# => ["katt"]
## License
FFI::Stree is distributed under MIT license.