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## What?
openframeworks - unofficial 006 - Development-Bundle

"tinkering with openframeworks at it's early release stage!"

## todo

split this huge (100m+) repository, make it a virtual base-package with addons and
examples as submodules. this should open the ability for everyone to just fork add
app/addon-repos in his personal branch or share it with friends, more lightweight.

cross plattform build-helpers, build/package automation..

autotest/unittest core, opencv-addon (gmock?), benchmarking..

more updated windows examples and build-files..

## current-status (before split into submodules)

   - libs/openFrameworks frequently updated oF's subversion, check git-log or gitk
   - libs/* => of_preRelease_v0.06_[osx|linux|win32]_FAT
   - addons/* => of_preRelease_v0.06_[osx|linux|win32]_FAT
   - addons/* => devel-addons from the forums or by me

   // some tiny changes for win32 and linux libpath in makefiles :.(

## platforms

  - Mac OSX (xcode)
  - Linux (make)
  - Windows (codeblocks) //only a few build-files

## usage/install

  before using this bundle make sure to follow the setup-
  guide according to your running operation system!

  ## Mac Xcode
  - install git
      "port install git-core +svn"
  - install Xcode
  ## Windows Codeblocks
  - install git
  - install quicktime
  - install codeblocks

  ## Linux Codeblocks - Debian (lenny)
  - please follow on how-to install codeblocks

## website =>