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An XMPP chat server for Ruby.

tag: v0.3.1

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== Welcome to Vines

Vines is an XMPP chat server that supports thousands of simultaneous connections
by using EventMachine for asynchronous IO. User data is stored in a SQL database,
CouchDB, Redis, the file system, or a custom storage implementation that you provide.
LDAP authentication can be used so user names and passwords aren't stored in the chat
database. SSL encryption is mandatory on all client and server connections.

The Vines XMPP server includes a web chat client. The web application is available 
immediately after starting the chat server at http://localhost:5280/chat/.

Additional documentation can be found at

== Usage

1. gem install vines
2. vines init wonderland.lit
3. cd wonderland.lit && vines start
4. Login with your favorite chat program (iChat, Adium, Pidgin, etc.) to
   start chatting!

== Dependencies

* bcrypt-ruby >= 3.0.1
* eventmachine >= 0.12.10
* nokogiri >= 1.4.7
* ruby >= 1.9.2

== Ubuntu setup
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential ruby1.9.1 ruby1.9.1-dev libxml2-dev libxslt-dev

== Contact

* David Graham <>

== License

Vines is released under the MIT license. Check the LICENSE file for details.
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