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This is a sample application that lets users browse tourist attractions in Toronto. It features a map that lists Bixi Bike locations along with the number of available bikes at each station.

This sample demonstrates

  • user authentication using Firebase
  • using the navigation drawer layout
  • listing tourist attractions with RecyclerView
  • loading a list of attractions from a plist file using Android PList parser
  • handle loading large images using Picasso
  • populating map fragment with markers using Bixi Bike JSON data
  • persist favorite attractions between app launches using SugarORM

Getting Started

  1. Download Android Studio and import the project.

  2. Create a Firebase account

  3. In update APP_NAME line with your Firebase app URL

    private static final String APP_NAME = "https://<YOUR-FIREBASE-APP>";
  4. Get your Google Maps API key for Android Maps

  5. Add your key in 'res/values/google_maps_api.xml'

  6. Finally, build project and then run using an emulator supporting API 23

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