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rsink is a wrapper around the rsync program. It simplifies remote synchronization by providing functions to mange remote hosts.

Getting Started


Check that $HOME/bin is in your path

echo $PATH

If not then add it to your path

vi ~/.zshrc

Download rsink and move it to your $HOME/bin directory

chmod +x rsink
mkdir -p $HOME/bin; mv rsink $HOME/bin

Initialize directory

Upon initializing, a .rsink file will be created. The file is used to store configuration information such as remote name and host. Once the .rsink file is created rsink will recognize the directory it resides in as a rsink project.

rsink init 

Add remote

Add a remote host. Specifiy the name and remote host along with the destination directory you would like to syncrhonize with.

rsink remote add <remote-name> <remote_host>:<destination_directory>

Push to remote

The push command is used to copy files from the current rsink project directory to the remote host destination directory. The remote host destination directory is specified in the .rsink file.

rsink push <remote-name> <options>

Pull from remote

The pull command is used to copy files from the remote host specified in your .rsink file over to your current rsink project directory.

rsink pull <remote-name> <options>

List your remotes

Method #1

rsink remote list

Method #2

rsink remote -v

Remove a remote

rsink remote remove <remote-name>

Supported options

  • -a, --archive
  • -r, --recursive
  • -n, --dry-run
  • -q, --quiet
  • -v, --verbose
  • -t, --times
  • --size-only
  • -i, --itemize-changes
  • -u, --update
  •  --delete
  • -h, --human-readable
  •  --progress
  • -z, --compress

If you are unsure, use --dry-run to test what gets transfered before doing an actual transfer.

rsink push <remote-name> <option-to-test> --dry-run


rsink was only tested on Mac OSx

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