Lagacy code that implemented PWP (Pixel-Wise Posterior) algorithm
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The CompVis Library


The CompVis library is built to demostrate its efficient and accurate implementation on a few Computer Vision tasks, including face detection, face recognition, generic object tracking etc.

Available Modules

The following modules are implemented in current version:

module name description
image warping image resizing, rotating in an efficient way (with 3, 4 or 6 parameters)
level sets image segmentation with composed energy function
optical flow implements the inverse compositional algorithms
AAM active appearance model for facial image alignment
LDA fisher discriminant analysis (linear classifier)
KFD kernel fisher discriminant (nonlinear,guassian kernel)
PWP pixel-wise posterior, a level sets based tracking framework
particle filter a probabilistic tracking framework
cascade detector implements the classic viola-jones detection framework, with pre-trained feature sets
sparse coding implements orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) and basis pursuit (BP) algorithms

More modules will be available online !


Typically, qmake OR scons is required for successfully compiling the project. However, there is no such restriction for Visual C++ developers, click the solution file compvis.sln and you're ready to go.

For advance usage, you can create Makefiles with qmake by running

$ ./configure

under root directory of the project, or build directly with scons

$ scons -u

Then try anything you want.

Note that it is not necessary to install qmake if you don't want to build the demo application.


The source code is released under MIT license . There is no actual restrictions in (re)-distributing the code in any form.