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An R interface to "shotgun", a parallel lasso and sparse logistic regression solver written in C++
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>>>>>             This project is currently under construction           <<<<<
>>>>>             It works but is still rough around the edges           <<<<<

This package provides an R (S4) interface to "shotgun", the (large-scale)
parallel coordinate decent solver for lasso and sparse logistic regression
written in C++

See the buckshot wiki for a quick installation and usage instructions:

Shotgun is developed in the SELECT Lab at CMU by Aapo Kyrola, Joseph Bradley,
Danny Bickson, and Carlos Guestrin.

For more information about the shotgun solver, please see: 
  Shotgun Code Page:
  Shotgun ICML 2011 Paper:
  SELECT Lab People:

The buckshot library is neither endorsed or supported by the authors of the
shotgun library.

Buckshot is released under the Apache 2 License, the same license used for
the shotgun library. Buckshot is provided AS IS and with NO WARRANTY.

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