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FocalLossLayer modified from SoftmaxWithLossLayer
C++ Cuda
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FocalLossLayer is midified from SoftmaxWithLossLayer. More info please refer to paper: Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection. If it helps your research, Please consider give me a Star.

Add to caffe

  1. Clone this repository

    git clone
  2. Modify your caffe.proto

    // Add the next contents to message LayerParameter
    message LayerParameter {
        optional FocalLossParameter focal_loss_param = 151; // select a id.
    // Add the next contents to your caffe.proto
    // Message that stores parameter used by FocalLossLayer
    message FocalLossParameter {
        // loss = -alpha * (1 - pk)^gamma * ln(pk)
        // alpha is a parameter which scale the loss
        optional float alpha = 1 [default = 0.25];
        optional float gamma = 2 [default = 2.00];
  3. Add source file to your Caffe

    Add focal_loss_layer.hpp to Caffe/include/caffe/layers/
    Add focal_loss_layer.cpp to Caffe/src/caffe/layers/
    Add to Caffe/src/caffe/layers/
  4. Compile your Caffe

How to use it ?

  1. Write codes such as follows in your prototxt file.
    layer {
        name: "focal_loss"
        type: "FocalLoss"
        bottom: "conv_cls"
        bottom: "label"
        top: "loss"
        include {
            phase: TRAIN
        loss_param {
            ignore_label: 255
        focal_loss_param {
            alpha: 0.25
            gamma: 2.00
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