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ROS-Based Modelling Framework for End-Users and Experts


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RoBMEX: ROS-Based Modelling Framework for End-Users and Experts

This page is dedicated to describe the RoBMEX modelling framework, its dependencies, download and use.


A modelling framework to ease the conception of drone missions using ROS. The framework, still under development, is based on Ecore (Eclipse) and is able to generate models and code for drone missions as ROS systems.


To generate instances and code:

To execute:


The RoBMEX modelling framework can be downloaded at


Once downloaded, the projects can be imported to the workspace by:

  • Clicking on the File menu

  • Selecting Import

  • Selecting Existing Projects into Workspace, from the General folder

  • Selecting the Select archive file option

  • Clicking on Browse... and finding the downloaded zip file

  • Making sure all of the four projects are selected for importation

Create instances

With the Modelling perspective:

  • Go to the desired project in the Model Explorer

  • In the respective project, open the folder called model and double-click the .ecore file

  • Expand the items until there is visible:

    • Mission, for ROSMiLan

    • RosPackage, for ROSModL

    • Functionality, for ROSProML (processMaker.ecore)

  • Right-click the item and click on Create Dynamic Instance

  • Choose a filename and a folder for the instance file (.xmi)

  • Expand the items and, for adding elements, right-click the instance, go to New Child and select the desired element

  • Their attributes can be seen and edited in the Properties tab, normally bellow the screen

Generate code

  • Select the desired .mtl code in the SourceCodeGenerator project, in the src folder, in the project ending with .common

  • Click on the arrow next to the Run button (green, on top of the screen), and select Run Configurations

  • Set the Model as the .xmi file representing the instance that will have its code automatically generated

  • Choose a target folder

  • Run

Software license agreement

Details the license agreement of TME: LICENSE