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Liatrio's DevOps Bootcamp

Welcome! You must be here because you're interested in DevOps. Don't worry, we'll explain that right away! Let's introduce some goals and expectations first, though.

Learning Goals

  1. DevOps Philosophies and Culture
  2. DevOps in Enterprises
  3. Build and Deployment Engineering
  4. Tools Administration
  5. Build and Deployment Automation
  6. Release Notes Creation and Execution


  1. Share what you learn. Knowledge is best retained when you can teach it back yourself.
  2. If you're participating in the bootcamp with others, lift them up instead of speeding past them.
  3. Your learning should be in a demonstrable state at any given time.
  4. The turtle wins the race. If you don't fully understand something, speak up for help and spend more time on it.
  5. Be transparent in your progress.
  6. Have fun!

"It's better to over communicate than to under communicate."


This bootcamp was adapted from an intern training program, and some mistakes may have slipped through the cracks. If you see any errors, outdated methods, or citation errors please submit a Pull Request.

Check out the Style Guide.

To develop with a live preview, install docsify.

npm i docsify-cli -g
# While in the directory of a local fork of this repository on your machine...
docsify serve ./docs
# Edit files and a live preview will be shown in your browser