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This version of GRO was developed at the LIA-UPM lab atop the original version, created by Eric Klavins at University of Washington.

What is this repository for?

  • This repository holds the latest developer's version of GRO at LIA-UPM. There is an executable version for Windows, and the source code can be compiled on MacOS, Linux or Windows.
  • The current version is 1.0

How do I get set up?

  • Setup - Download and decompress or clone the repository. If you want to use the Windows executable version, work from the WIN-Executable subfolder and follow the instructions in the Readme in that folder. Otherwise, if you want to compile, for all OSs make sure the directory structure is created and available. There is a script that creates this structure and that can be executed: (MacOS and Linux). This script also works under Windows, but should be renamed to create_dirs.bat.
  • Instructions for compiling - 1. Run (from the project directory) 2. From the same project directory run the script for compiling all modules: <mode> (MacOS and Linux) or modules-win.bat <mode> (Windows). <mode> is either debug or release. 3. Open QT Creator and load both projects ccl-master and gro-master. Set the correct output of the projects to ccl_Debug, ccl_Release, gro_Debug and gro_Release respectively when setting up the projects in QT Creator. 4. Build ccl-master. 5. Build gro-master. 6. Upon execution of gro, check the bottom line of the window for the Working Directory (a guide is shown in the Readme in the WIN-Executable folder). Copy standard.gro and gro.gro from the gro-master/include folder to the Working Directory.

Contribution guidelines

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This is a version of GRO developed at LIA-UPM



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