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// +build go1.10
package pq
import (
// Connector represents a fixed configuration for the pq driver with a given
// name. Connector satisfies the database/sql/driver Connector interface and
// can be used to create any number of DB Conn's via the database/sql OpenDB
// function.
// See
// See
type connector struct {
name string
// Connect returns a connection to the database using the fixed configuration
// of this Connector. Context is not used.
func (c *connector) Connect(_ context.Context) (driver.Conn, error) {
return (&Driver{}).Open(
// Driver returnst the underlying driver of this Connector.
func (c *connector) Driver() driver.Driver {
return &Driver{}
var _ driver.Connector = &connector{}
// NewConnector returns a connector for the pq driver in a fixed configuration
// with the given name. The returned connector can be used to create any number
// of equivalent Conn's. The returned connector is intended to be used with
// database/sql.OpenDB.
// See
// See
func NewConnector(name string) (driver.Connector, error) {
return &connector{name: name}, nil