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Main libLAS development repository
C++ C# Python C CMake Shell Batchfile
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apps Various updates to cmake support
bin/ci more libgdal1h attempt
buildout proper geos/proj locations for spatialite
cmake Various updates to cmake support
csharp-new boost path fix
csharp Compile error
doc fix #57 -- small doc tweak
include Fix 'accomodate' typo, replace with 'accommodate'.
python don't use PyDLL if pypy - Thanks
rpm add rpm dir and an initial RPM spec file
schemas add an example of our fixed field oracle stuff
src * Fixed another dereference bug
test Merge branch 'master' of
.gitignore Add _build to .gitignore
.hgtags Added tag 1.7.0b2 for changeset 58c409e18a53
.travis.yml Configure Travis CI for libLAS
CMakeLists.txt set minimum GeoTIFF requirement to 1.3.0 #59
COPYING dummy commit
CTestConfig.cmake Updated CTestConfig.cmake file with URL to CDash
HOWTORELEASE.txt start fixing up liblas-config script
INSTALL update in light of cmake builds
LICENSE.txt fix license and documentation for las2tindex
NEWS dummy
README first
hobu-config.bat windows fixups
liblas-osgeo4w-init.bat update to reflect we now use base GDAL 1.8 for OSGeo4W instead of the…
liblas-osgeo4w-postinstall.bat post-install scripts to set environment for liblas when packaged for …
liblas-osgeo4w-start.bat.tmpl update to reflect we now use base GDAL 1.8 for OSGeo4W instead of the…
mpg-config.bat fix my boost path
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