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@jwpeterson, @friedmud, @permcody - Looks like Exodus 5.24 has been released at sourceforge.

Any reason for us to upgrade from 5.22 (or just as importantly, any reasons not to upgrade)?

I'll package up the new version if it would be useful for Moose.


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I just grabbed the 5.24 tar file and glanced through the ChangeLog. Looks like it hasn't been updated since 5.09, so it's hard for me to say if there's a reason to upgrade?

One reason not to upgrade would probably be laziness :-) But I'd be willing to run our test suite on an exodus-5.24 branch if you create one.


Just to update the issue,
There has been many changes that are not in the changelog:

The latest version being 6.06 and libmesh using 5.22.

libMesh - C++ Finite Element Library member

Hmm... would it be reasonable to simply add configure support for non-contrib Exodus versions now? That's something we ought to do for other reasons (especially: keeping people from difficulty linking when they want to use system libraries but their system has exodus installed in the same place), and after we do it then it won't be quite so pressing for us to closely track Exodus releases ourselves. My Ubuntu release has 6.02 available, so I could try with that for a start.

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Nemesis is distributed along with Exodus, right? Any idea why we have a separate contrib/nemesis directory? Anyway, if we support using external Exodus installs, we should make sure to use an external nemseis that matches it.

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Older versions were distributed separately, modern versions are distributed together, IIRC. The separate directory is probably a holdover from that.

Good call on the compatibility checking; we just fixed that for configures selecting incompatible contrib versions, and it would be nice to keep that going for external versions.

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