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Ben initially obtained this permission back in 2003:

  commit 92ef058
  Author: Benjamin Kirk <>
  Date:   Tue Jan 21 17:36:14 2003 +0000

      added METIS and TECPLOT support in the contrib directory after getting permission to distribute them.

but special permission should no longer be required for Metis >=
5.0.3, since those versions are licensed under Apache 2.0.


Contains th METIS graph partitioning software.  METIS is Copyright
(C) 1997, Regents of the University of Minnesota. The source is
redistributed with permission.  See ./metis/README.

Contains the Tecplot binary output API implementation libraries.
Redistributed with permission.  Tecplot is Copyright (C) 1988-98 Amtec
Engineering, Inc.  See ./tecplot/README

Contains the LASPACK iterative solver library.  LASPACK is Copyright
(C) 1992-1996 Tomas Skalicky. See ./laspack/copyright.h