Presentations & Publications Archive

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Publications using libmesh

Presentations and Conference Talks


  • Benjamin S. Kirk & Todd A. Oliver, Validation of SUPG Finite Element Simulations of Shockwave/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions in Hypersonic Flows, Presented at 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January 2013. PDF
  • Kirk, Amar, Stogner, Oliver, & Bauman, Recent Advancements in Stabilized Finite Element Methods for Hypersonic Reacting Flows, Presented at the 17th International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems (FEF 2013). PDF
  • Kirk, Peterson, & Stogner, The libMesh Finite Element Library, Presented at 2013 PRACE Summer School, Ostrava, Czech Republic, June 2013. PDF


  • Kirk, Peterson, & Stogner, The libMesh Finite Element Library, Presented at CILAMCE 2014, The XXXV Ibero-Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering, Fortaleza, Brazil, November 2014. PDF

Updating publications.html (Developer Instructions)


  • Install bibtex2html (sample OSX instructions below)
curl -O
cp bibtex2html-1.96-osx-x86_64/bibtex2html /somewhere/in/your/PATH
  • Clone the website repo (if not already cloned) in ~/projects:
cd ~/projects
git clone

Regenerate the publications.html page

  • Run script which generates html.
cd $LIBMESH_ROOT/doc/citations
  • Commit publications.html in the main libmesh repo.
git ci -a -m"Regenerate publications webpage."
  • Add the header and footer. In your libmesh build directory (this will also run configure if necessary):
cd $LIBMESH_ROOT/build/doc/html
make publications.html
  • Check the diffs (make sure the header/footer is unchanged):
git diff ~/projects/ publications.html

Update the website version

  • Copy the publications.html file over
cp $LIBMESH_ROOT/build/doc/html/publications.html ~/projects/
  • You can verify that it looks OK by examining the local version:
cd ~/projects/
open index.html
  • Commit and push to GitHub to update the live version
cd ~/projects/
git commit -a -m"Updating the publications page manually."
git push origin master