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Allegro GUI libraries

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Allegro 5 Graphical User Interfaces

AGUI C++ GUI (jmasterx) :

EAGLE C++11 GUI (Edgar Reynaldo) :

WidgetZ, a C GUI (SiegeLord) :

TGUI (Trent Gamblin)

GWEN (Garry Newman)

IMGUI Immediate Mode C++ GUI

lgui C++11/14 GUI (frank n)

alguichan (C++) (tobing)



Allegro 4 GUIs

EAGLE 4 (Classic) C++ GUI

MaSKING (Miran Amon's skinnable GUI)

lexgui (Spellcaster)

DLG (Julien Cugniere) DIALOG editor

AGUP (Allegro GUI UnUnglification Project)

guichan (Olof Naessen and Per Larsson)


...Lots of others here...add later...

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