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Doug Thompson edited this page Aug 15, 2018 · 4 revisions

Becoming a contributor

If you'd like push access to the wiki (for adding images or anything else beyond editing pages on GitHub), request to join the Friends of the wiki team or contact the Allegro developers via the mailing lists or IRC channels.

Regular checks

  • Check for spelling errors by cloning the wiki and running it through ispell or similar. We write in US English ('color', 'initialize').
  • Check for broken links and images.
    • This currently isn't trivial, but writing a script to do it shouldn't be too hard (but keep in mind that some absent pages will erroneously return a 200, with "404" only in the page body)
  • Check that the below points apply to recently edited pages.

Article format

  • Don't add a heading for page titles; the wiki shows them automatically. Start at second-level headings: ##
  • Use internal references where possible, [[like this]].
  • Add images under img/. These can be shown with internal references.
    • Don't add subdirectories; GitHub doesn't like them.
  • Use Markdown unless there's a good reason not to.

Writing style

  • The majority of articles should be on-topic and concise yet easy to read - though 'asides' and points of interest for readers can also be useful. Just ensure they're marked as such.
  • Seek to clarify ambiguities, especially in Vivace.
  • For Vivace only:
    • Things take a friendlier angle and are of a relaxed pace.
    • The tutorial is very serialized, so if you're editing its early stages, keep an eye out for contradictions you might've created later on.