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Doug Thompson edited this page Oct 5, 2020 · 8 revisions

Status (as of Oct 2020)

While the stuff on this page is still correct, now just redirects here, making migrating the old articles a pain.

The old wiki can still be found on the Wayback Machine.

This wiki is being migrated from the old MediaWiki one, which is no longer accessible, but we do have a dump courtesy of

We won't want to port all of the old articles; there are plenty of things to be left out:

  • Documentation of the library that's been superseded by the official docs
  • Dead projects
  • Old Hack Day writeups
  • Release notes (these should be here instead)
  • Anything specifically referring to Allegro 4 (we should be discouraging its usage now)
  • Spam (one of the reasons we decided to move to GitHub)

Articles we should therefore port

Veterans: please add to this list if you see anything I've missed. -dthompson

  • [2D/3D] physics resources
  • [2D/3D] using OpenGL
  • Addon writer's guide
  • [CSS/JS/themes]
  • April Fool's thread (we can't not port this)
  • Taking screenshots ("Allegro 5 Screenshot")
  • Tilemaps (needs A5 update)
  • Particles (needs A5 update)
  • Allegro game from zero (great idea for an article... but needs A5 update)
  • Bitwise operator
  • Bounding box
  • Build (probably scrap the current content and just write up a building-from-source page)
  • Codeblocks (needs A5 update)
  • Cellular automata (maybe - is this in scope?)
  • CodingMadeEasy YouTube series
  • Create (very comprehensive series... but would need a huge A5 overhaul, is it worth it?)
  • D / DAllegro
  • Eclipse (I have a feeling people still use this for C development?)

TODO: the other 50% of the list.


If you want to be recognised as a good boy for a time by your friends on, please help us by porting the articles; the quickest way of doing this for a given article is to:

  • Create a similarly named article on here
  • Select the MediaWiki edit mode
  • Copy and paste its MediaWiki source
  • Update the names of any links
  • Fix code highlighting where needed
  • If the article has images that need to be uploaded - and you're not in the 'Friends of the Wiki' group yet - create an issue and attach the images so that someone in the group can upload them.