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The libarchive project relies on volunteers for development.  One way
you can contribute is to run a regular libarchive test on your system
with the results being fed back automatically to the

This is simple to do:  The CTest program (part of the CMake package)
is a complete script interpreter that is capable of checking out
source from Git and driving a fresh build.  Using the scripts
in this directory, you can quickly set up an automatic build
and test of libarchive.

Step 0:  Install cmake 2.8.0 or later on your system.
  You can use 'ctest --version' to check what version is installed.

Step 1:  Customize libarchive_test.cmake for your system.
 * PLEASE include your email address so we can contact
   you if we need additional details.
 * For most POSIX/UNIX/LINUX/BSD systems, you should
   only need to set the CTEST_SITE and CTEST_BUILD_NAME variables.
 * The libarchive_common.cmake script documents other variables
   you may want to set.

Step 2: Create a suitable directory on your system and copy
   libarchive_test.cmake and libarchive_common.cmake to it.

Step 3: Test your build by running the following command:

   $ ctest -V -S /full/path/to/libarchive_test.cmake

Step 4: Check the website to see if your results are showing up correctly

Step 5: When all is ready, arrange for the ctest command line
   above to be run daily as a scheduled task or via cron.