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Libarchive 3.5.2

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@mmatuska mmatuska released this 23 Aug 00:10
· 418 commits to master since this release

Libarchive 3.5.2 is a feature and security release.

New minor features:

  • CPIO: Support for PWB and v7 binary cpio formats (#1502)
  • ZIP reader: Support of deflate algorithm in symbolic link decompression (#1509)

Important security fixes:

  • fix handling of symbolic link ACLs on Linux (#1565)
  • never follow symlinks when setting file flags on Linux (e2ad1a2)
  • do not follow symlinks when processing the fixup list (#1566)

Important bugfixes:

  • fix extraction of hardlinks to symlinks (#1044)
  • 7zip reader and writer fixes (#1480, #1532)
  • RAR reader fixes (#1504, #1521)
  • ZIP reader: fix excessive read for padded zip (#1514)
  • CAB reader: fix double free (#1520)
  • handle short writes from archive_write_callback (#1530)

Thanks to all contributors and bug reporters.