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Directory of documentation included with the libarchive distribution.

The libarchive distribution includes full documentation in the form of Unix-style "man pages." These documents are included in the libarchive distribution in the following formats: BSD mdoc, Unix man, PDF, plain text, and HTML. In addition, they are available here for online browsing:

About the numbers: The original Unix manuals were distributed as several numbered volumes and those numbers are still used to identify categories of documentation. The category numbers used here are: 1 is the "User Reference Manual" with documentation about command-line programs intended for use by users of the system; 3 is the "Programmer's Reference Manual" with information about programming interfaces; and 5 is the "File Formats Reference Manual" with information about the internal format of files on the system.

The Wiki formatted pages here were generated automatically from the BSD mdoc format using the scripts in the trunk/doc directory. Any help in improving these scripts is greatly appreciated.

Maintainers: To update the Wiki manpages (assuming you have a checkout of the full source tree):

 $ cd trunk/doc
 $ /bin/sh
 $ cp wiki/*.wiki ../../wiki
 $ svn commit ../../wiki