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@hotvic hotvic Updated ManualPages (mediawiki) 4d1db51
@gperciva gperciva Updated LibarchiveAddingTest (mediawiki) 589caa9
@gperciva gperciva Updated LibarchiveAddingTest (markdown => mediawiki) 6cd987d
@gperciva gperciva Updated LibarchiveAddingTest (mediawiki => markdown) 8252457
@gperciva gperciva Updated LibarchiveAddingTest (mediawiki) c9e5fb5
@gperciva gperciva maybe this will be it? It loses the indentation of the code fragment inside the bulleted list, but it should be simpler. d95f002
@gperciva gperciva this is getting ridiculous. I swear that each version looks right in the Preview. d1fa5a3
@gperciva gperciva Sorry, this should fix it. (what's the point of a Preview that uses different formatting tools than the final version?! :/ ) e6b8261
@gperciva gperciva fix formatting. (sorry, the github "Preview" showed something different than the final version; hopefully this fixes it. f33f97c
@gperciva gperciva add info about compiling a single test 83859e8
@kientzle kientzle Updated BuildInstructions (mediawiki) e1b2dca
@kientzle kientzle Updated BuildInstructions (mediawiki) 1e3c6ef
@pombredanne pombredanne Minor typos and grammar edits 51d2f20
@pombredanne pombredanne Added link to Wikipedia pax page efa3547
@beaufortfrancois beaufortfrancois Updated LibarchiveUsers (mediawiki) 235cbb3
@beaufortfrancois beaufortfrancois Added ZIP Unpacker Chrome OS Extension to list of tools using libarchive 45cb6c3
@dre dre Updated LibarchiveUsers (mediawiki) df1bd62
@colindean colindean Fix syntax on Homebrew section to use MediaWiki instead of Markdown d42b6aa
@colindean colindean Added section about installing via Homebrew on OSX 72572b8
@inevity inevity Updated LibarchiveUsers (mediawiki) 77c6a01
@kientzle kientzle Updated Home (markdown) 43b45c7
@kientzle kientzle Fix backslash escapes and tar.1 example display 82e4b7f
@kientzle kientzle Remove extraneous punct within literals 344ed41
@kientzle kientzle fix sample code 1898810
@kientzle kientzle fix environment sections 72ffea0
@kientzle kientzle Updated ManPageBsdcpio1 (mediawiki) 32bf91e
@kientzle kientzle fix < in options for cpio.1 705966f
@kientzle kientzle Updated ManPageBsdcpio1 (mediawiki) c3157a0
@kientzle kientzle Updated ManPageBsdcpio1 (mediawiki) 3eb332c
@kientzle kientzle use FreeBSD man service for other cross-references b5f382c
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