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compat use a wrapper script to call MS link.exe to avoid mixing with /usr/bi…
doc des: add av_des_alloc()
libavcodec hevc: Split the sei parsing in 3 functions
libavdevice lavc: Consistently prefix input buffer defines
libavfilter af_channelmap: properly set the supported output channel layouts
libavformat asfdec: remove improper assignement that caused wrong timestamps
libavresample x86: check for AV_CPU_FLAG_AVXSLOW where useful
libavutil des: extend av_des_init() doxy
libswscale ppc: Restrict some Altivec implementations to Big Endian
presets presets: spelling error in libvpx 1080p50_60
tests fate/mp3: use the f32le format as output
tools cws2fws: Close file handles on error
.gitattributes Treat all '*.pnm' files as non-text file
.gitignore Checkasm: assembly testing and benchmarking tool
COPYING.GPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3.
COPYING.LGPLv2.1 cosmetics: Delete empty lines at end of file.
COPYING.LGPLv3 Add configure option to upgrade (L)GPL to version 3.
CREDITS partially rename FFmpeg to Libav
Changelog lavc: add Intel libmfx-based HEVC decoder.
INSTALL doc: clarify configure features
LICENSE license: Mention that vf_interlace is GPL, not LGPL
Makefile checkasm: Always link statically
README doc: Add more information in the README doc: Add more information in the README
RELEASE Make the RELEASE file match with the most recent tag
arch.mak ppc: vsx: Implement float_dsp
avconv.c lavc: Consistently prefix input buffer defines
avconv.h Add a quality factor packet side data
avconv_dxva2.c avconv_dxva2: add hevc support
avconv_filter.c avconv: split creating and (re-)configuring complex filtergraphs
avconv_opt.c lavc: AV-prefix all codec flags
avconv_vda.c avconv: vda: Unlock the pixel buffer once it is accessed
avconv_vdpau.c avconv_vdpau: allocate video surface of VDPAU-specified size
avplay.c lavc: AV-prefix all codec capabilities
avprobe.c avprobe: Print the display matrix from per-stream sidedata
cmdutils.c lavc: AV-prefix all codec capabilities
cmdutils.h avconv: use read_file() for reading the 2pass stats
cmdutils_common_opts.h avplay: Accept cpuflags option
common.mak checkasm: Always link statically
configure configure: Don't force _WIN32_WINNT to an older version if targeting …
library.mak build: Support executable only ldflags Drop git- prefix from version labels


Libav is a collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.


  • libavcodec provides implementation of a wider range of codecs.
  • libavformat implements streaming protocols, container formats and basic I/O access.
  • libavutil includes hashers, decompressors and miscellaneous utility functions.
  • libavfilter provides a mean to alter decoded Audio and Video through chain of filters.
  • libavdevice provides an abstraction to access capture and playback devices.
  • libavresample implements audio mixing and resampling routines.
  • libswscale implements color conversion and scaling routines.


  • avconv is a command line toolbox to manipulate, convert and stream multimedia content.
  • avplay is a minimalistic multimedia player.
  • avprobe is a simple analisys tool to inspect multimedia content.
  • Additional small tools such as aviocat, ismindex and qt-faststart.


The offline documentation is available in the doc/ directory.

The online documentation is available in the main website and in the wiki.


Conding examples are available in the doc/example directory.


Libav codebase is mainly LGPL-licensed with optional components licensed under GPL. Please refer to the LICENSE file for detailed information.

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