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cmake/modules Add dependency to librt if it's there. Jul 4, 2016
mac Fix build on OS X 10.13; remove support for non-clang build on Mac. May 2, 2018
man Removed outdated automake files. May 23, 2016
pkg-config CMake/Mac libxml2 support, try 3. Feb 18, 2016
python Fix app resolution for fullscreen mode in video player script. Jan 10, 2018
sphinxdoc Exposed DivNode::dump() to python. Jul 24, 2017
src Adjust WordsNode too-wide test for newer systems. Jan 9, 2018
win Fixed windows script install. Jul 13, 2016
.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into features/cmake May 8, 2016
BuildMacDeps.sh El Capitan fixes: Patch libsdl to fix audio deprecation warning (#765)… Mar 23, 2016
CMakeLists.txt Fixed boost build error for newer Mac OS X/xcode versions. Nov 28, 2017
COPYING Added missing files, test improvements Jul 24, 2006
CreateVersionFile.py Restored version.h generation Feb 22, 2016
NEWS Updated version to 1.8.2 Jul 15, 2014
README.md Updated build status links to https addresses. Dec 23, 2014
fixcopyright.py multicontext branch: Merge from trunk. Jan 22, 2014
makedocs.sh Reference generation script update. Nov 26, 2010
rpi-configure libSDL2 Raspberry PI support. May 27, 2015
rpi-gcc Improved env var name for RPI cross-compile base dir. May 3, 2015
updateMessages.sh uilib branch: Changed Node and Player messages to new naming conventi… Aug 29, 2012
valgrind.cmdline egl branch: Fixed B5G6R5 texture support. Nov 8, 2012
valgrind.suppressions uilib2 branch: Merge from trunk. Feb 26, 2013



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Libavg is a high-level development platform for media-centric applications. It allows programmers, media artists and designers to quickly develop media applications, uses python as scripting language and is written in high-speed C++.

libavg is great for multitouch development. It supports Win7 Touch, Linux Drivers, TUIO and even the Apple Multitouch Trackpad - in short, all major driver models. It also includes it's own tracker for optical FTIR and DI devices. The libavg event system is fully multitouch-enabled and makes building even complex multitouch applications easy.