Bitcoin High Performance Blockchain Database
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Libbitcoin Database

Bitcoin High Performance Blockchain Database

Make sure you have installed libbitcoin beforehand according to its build instructions.

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ sudo ldconfig

libbitcoin-database is now installed in /usr/local/.

About Libbitcoin Database

Libbitcoin Database is a custom database build directly on the operating system's memory-mapped file system. All primary tables and indexes are built on in-memory hash tables, resulting in constant-time lookups. The database uses sequence locking to avoid blocking the writer. This is ideal for a high performance blockchain server as reads are significantly more frequent than writes and yet writes must proceed without delay. The libbitcoin-blockchain library uses the database as its blockchain store.



Using Homebrew

Installing from Formula

Instead of building, libbitcoin-database can be installed from a formula:

$ brew install libbitcoin-database