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bx base16 encode

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Convert binary data to Base16.

$ bx base16-encode --help
Usage: bx base16-encode [-h] [--config VALUE] [DATA]

Info: Convert binary data to Base16.

Options (named):

-c [--config]        The path to the configuration settings file.
-h [--help]          Get a description and instructions for this command.

Arguments (positional):

DATA                 The binary data to encode as Base16. This can be
                     text or any other data. If not specified the data is
                     read from STDIN.

This command is a simple hexadecimal encoder. This can be used to feed plain text or raw binary values into other commands as base16 input.

Hexadecimal is not case sensitive. In other words the letter F and the f are the same value.

See also base16-decode.

Example 1

$ bx base16-encode "Satoshi Nakamoto"

Example 2

FIPS 180-2 SHA-1 Vector A

$ bx base16-encode abc

Example 3

FIPS 180-2 SHA-1 Vector B

$ bx base16-encode abcdbcdecdefdefgefghfghighijhijkijkljklmklmnlmnomnopnopq

Example 4

routed input, hash self

$ bx base16-encode < bx.exe | bx sha256

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