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bx ec multiply

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Calculate the EC product (POINT * SECRET).

$ bx ec-multiply --help
Usage: bx ec-multiply [-h] [--config value] POINT [SECRET]

Info: Calculate the EC product (POINT * SECRET).

Options (named):

-c [--config]        The path to the configuration settings file.
-h [--help]          Get a description and instructions for this command.

Arguments (positional):

POINT                The Base16 EC point to multiply.
SECRET               The Base16 EC secret to multiply. If not specified
                     the secret is read from STDIN.

Example 1

$ bx ec-multiply 021bab84e687e36514eeaf5a017c30d32c1f59dd4ea6629da7970ca374513dd006 1bab84e687e36514eeaf5a017c30d32c1f59dd4ea6629da7970ca374513dd006

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