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bx mnemonic new

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Create a mnemonic seed (BIP39) from entropy.

$ bx mnemonic-new --help
Usage: bx mnemonic-new [-h] [--config value] [--language value] [SEED]

Info: Create a mnemonic seed (BIP39) from entropy. WARNING: mnemonic
should be created from properly generated entropy.

Options (named):

-c [--config]        The path to the configuration settings file.
-h [--help]          Get a description and instructions for this command.
-l [--language]      The language identifier of the mnemonic dictionary
                     to use. Options are 'en', 'es', 'fr', 'it', 'ja',
                     'cs', 'ru', 'uk', 'zh_Hans', 'zh_Hant' and 'any',
                     defaults to 'en'.

Arguments (positional):

SEED                 The Base16 entropy from which the mnemonic is
                     created. The length must be evenly divisible by 32
                     bits. If not specified the entropy is read from

See also mnemonic-to-seed.

Example 1

invalid seed

$ bx mnemonic-new baad
The seed length in bytes is not evenly divisible by 32 bits.

Example 2

$ bx mnemonic-new baadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00d
rival hurdle address inspire tenant almost turkey safe asset step lab boy

Example 3

piped commands, 128 bit seed

$ bx seed -b 128 | bx mnemonic-new
dad alter pear begin brand you art girl behind soul injury napkin

Example 4

--language es

$ bx mnemonic-new baadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00d --language es
previo humilde actuar jarabe tabique ahorro tope pulpo anís señal lavar bahía

Example 5

--language fr

$ bx mnemonic-new baadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00d --language fr
placard garantir acerbe gratuit soluble affaire théorie ponctuel anguleux salon horrible bateau

Example 6

--language it

$ bx mnemonic-new baadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00d --language it
rizoma lastra affabile lucidato sultano algebra tramonto rupe annuncio sonda mega bavosa

Example 7

--language ja

$ bx mnemonic-new baadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00dbaadf00d --language ja
ねんかん すずしい あひる せたけ ほとんど あんまり めいあん のべる いなか ふとる ぜんりゃく えいせい

Example 8

--language zh_Hans

$ bx mnemonic-new 36e0ee880a21b1fe4333121499f5d0c9 -l zh_Hans
值 所 毕 没 流 妨 性 守 解 芯 威 隔

Example 9

--language zh_Hant

$ bx mnemonic-new 36e0ee880a21b1fe4333121499f5d0c9 -l zh_Hant
值 所 畢 沒 流 妨 性 守 解 芯 威 隔

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