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bx script encode

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Base16 encode a plain text script.

$ bx script-encode --help
Usage: bx script-encode [-h] [--config VALUE] [SCRIPT]                   

Info: Base16 encode a plain text script.                                 

Options (named):

-c [--config]        The path to the configuration settings file.        
-h [--help]          Get a description and instructions for this command.

Arguments (positional):

SCRIPT               The plain text script tokens that make up the       
                     script. Multiple tokens must be quoted. If not      
                     specified the tokens are read from STDIN.

This command is helpful in interpreting scripts as they appear in the wire protocol, and for nesting scripts within scripts.

See also script-decode.

Example 1

Bitcoin Wiki example

$ bx script-encode "dup hash160 [89abcdefabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabba] equalverify checksig"

Example 2

piped commands

$ bx script-decode 76a91489abcdefabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabba88ac | bx script-encode
dup hash160 [89abcdefabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabbaabba] equalverify checksig

Example 3

2 of 4 multisig, encoded as testnet pay-to-script-hash address

$ bx script-encode "2 [020ae29f86f404e4b302cfa17ff15d93149af6a54c80a4172d47e41f55f6a78d73] [03664d528eb80096671ef9011c533ceb5df133238e3690d88f2960c786398b86b1] [029a449ea4a2155ea10002d704604bb3e8606631d35af20889a74b82b2dab572f6] [0321602d78046d63256b1730b119b1aca3428039f18fdb73ccf45ad3e148dd9b17] 4 checkmultisig" | bx bitcoin160 | bx address-encode -v 196

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