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PhoneGap PowerApp NodeJS Server - companion server for PhoneGap PowerApp
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PhoneGap PowerApp Node.js Server

Companion Server for PhoneGap PowerApp

or Stand-alone Demo of Node.js Server

Requiremens and Modules:

Functionality Includes:

  • Security - Secure Login using OpenID
  • Secure User Space for Data Store - Unique user ID from authentication holds user-uploaded data
  • User-controlled Data Sharing - Data stored anonymously, sharing controlled by user

Installation and Setup:

  • * Requires installation of Node.js
  • Edit the following before starting server:
    • install_dir/server/myUrl.js - vars rawUrl and port must set to server ip and port
  • To run server:
    • $ cd install_dir
    • $ node server/server.js
  • See install_dir/readme.server.txt for further instructions

Libby Baldwin, Mobile Developer Solutions

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