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A robot for danbri
Python C++
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A robot for danbri, using Raspberry Pi, arduino and continuous rotation servos. It races towards cats when it sees them.


The arduino part is for a couple of continuous rotation servos. I assume the serial is connected via the GPIO:

5v on Pi to 5v on the arduino (e.g. GPIO physical numbering 2 or 4) ground on the Pi to ground on the Arduino (e.g. GPIO physical numbering 6, 9 etc) Pi's TDX (GPIO physical numbering pin 8) to Arduino's RX

Normally you'd need a voltage divider to do this serial communication, but because we're only going one way - from the Pi to the Arduino - we get away with it.


More details for the Pi here:

sudo apt install python3-dev python3-pip sudo apt install libatlas-base-dev pip3 install --user --upgrade tensorflow

pip3 install pyserial pip3 install bottle

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