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Prevents users from doing concurrent editing in Django. Works out of the box in the admin interface, or you can integrate it with your own apps using a public API.
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About this fork

Far more intrusive, this fork aims to be lighter and to do less HTTP and DB requests: - Locking is no longer done through AJAX, it's done directly in - JavaScript vars are exported through a template tag, and not through a JS call to a dynamic view. - Views are included directly in LockableAdmin (through get_url()), there is no longer need for custom decorators (to perform permission checks) nor utils (to fetch lockable models...)


  • Add locking to your INSTALLED_APPS.

  • Specify settings #FIXME

  • Static files

  • For any model that requires locking:
    • Specify locking.models.LockableModel as a model base class.
    • Specify locking.admin.LockableAdmin as a ModelAdmin base class.
    • Specify locking.forms.LockableForm as a base class of the ModelAdmin.form.
    • Add original_locked_at and original_modified_at to ModelAdmin.fields.
  • Call {% locking_variables %} in the change_form.html (or in a parent), before any call to locking JS scripts.

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