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A place for community-wide issues, discussion, resources, files and sharing
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Welcome to the Libero Community

This is a place for community-wide issues, discussion, resources, files and sharing.

What is Libero?

Libero is eLife’s open-source platform of services and applications to help publishers do more with everything they publish.

Built in a modular fashion from the ground up, Libero adjusts to each journal’s individual needs to help deliver scholarly content to the highest standards in design and usability, while also providing machine-readable versions and lowering publishing costs.

It is a community-driven effort with decision making, coding and deployment all done in the open.

More information at and

Requests for Comments

In the interests of community involvement and openness, any member of the community can issue a request for comments (RFC) for any major decision that affects more than one party in the community or makes a significant difference to a component, module, application or service in the platform.

RFCs should be posted as issues in this repository, or in the repository most relevant to the RFC. You can find open RFCs for the whole community by searching this repository's issues for RFC

There is a time limit on RFCs and when a decision has been made following a discussion (on the issue or in person), the issue will be updated and closed. Where appropriate a corresponding architectural decision record may be created.

Community Meetings

The community aims to meet, either in person or online, at least four times per year. The first meeting being in March 2018.

Feedback and Contributing

If you would like to know more please contact us via email at or raise an issue in this repository.


This Github organisation is kindly supported as a non-profit by Github. We also use tools that provide free accounts or features for open source projects from Travis CI (for continuous integration and continuous delivery) and BrowserStack (for cross browser testing during development and automated regression testing in production).

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